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GRPA COVID-19 Resources- August 17

Monday, August 17, 2020   (0 Comments)
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Watch this video from the GRPA Executive Committee encouraging the GRPA membership!



**Corona Virus Notice update**August 17

Governor Kemp's Executive Order

Governor Kemp's Executive Order

Governor Kemp's Executive Order

Governor Kemp- All Executive Orders issued to date

Playground Resources- Numerous sources

National Council of Youth Sports- Return to Play guidelines - Website

CDC- One Stop Shop Toolkits- Camps, youth sports, etc.

CDC- Suggestions for Youth and Summer Camps (Updated June 19)

CDC- Considerations for Events and Gatherings

CDC- Scaling up operations in schools and day camps

CDC- Youth Programs and Camps Decision Tool

CDC- Considerations for Youth Sports

CDC- Child Care, School, and youth Sports - Plan, Prepare and Respond

CDC- Parks and Recreation Facilities- Plan, Prepare, Respond

CDC- Decision Tree for Opening Camps

CDC- Considerations for Public Pools, Hot tubs and Water Playgrounds

DECAL- Frequently asked questions (childcare/camp information)

DECAL- Guidance for Day camp settings

DPH- Guidance- Public Swimming Pools

DPH- Guidance- Public Swimming Pools (updated 7-8-20)

DPH- Guidance- Public Swimming Pools (additional updates)

DPH- Fifth Amended Administrative Orders for Public Health Control Measures

USA Swim- Facility opening Guidelines

ARC- COVID-19 Guidance

ARC- Considerations for Aquatics Facilities and Lifeguarding

ARC- scientific answers for COVID-19 and aquatics

ACA (American Camp Association)- Field Guide For Camps with CDC Guidance

ACA (American Camp Association)- Interim guidance on Cleaning and Disinfection

ACA (American Camp Association)- Camp Operations Guide 2020

ACA (American Camp Association)- Camp Approach to COVID-19

American Water Polo Association- Guide to getting back into the Water




**Corona Virus Notice update**May 12

Aspen Institute- Return To Play Risk Assessment

Aspen Institute- How should youth Sports return to play- video



**Corona Virus Notice update**May 8

The State Athletic Committee met today (May 8) and voted to CANCEL all GRPA District/State Swimming, Golf and Tennis (Youth/Adult) sports for 2020.

These decisions are unprecedented and certainly difficult to make. Due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic it is recommended/encouraged that recreation agencies meet the needs of their local communities, first and foremost, as they are able to do so.

If you have specific questions please reach out to a State Athletic Committee member.


NRPA- Parks Snapshot Results (May 6-8 poll)- indicating openings across America broken down by sizes of communities


CDC- Considerations for Public Pools, Hot Tubs, and Water Playgrounds during COVID-19




**Corona Virus Notice update**May 7

Path to Recovery - NRPA has offered general framework to help develop plans for re-opening spaces, facilities and programs.


Specific guidance for common Park and Recreation Spaces, Facilities, and programming - This is NRPA's guidance outlining considerations for reinstating operations.


Georgia Municipal Association (GMA)- Back to Work Checklist helpful for "return to workplace" guidance.


USA Swimming- Facility Re-opening, messaging and planning


Aspen Institute- How Will Youth Sports return To Play?


CDC- Re-opening Youth Programs and Camps During COVID-19


NRPA- Response Template (op-ed) for communities



**Corona Virus Notice update**May 1


President- Opening up America Again

Governor Kemps Executive orders (updated)

Road map to help Governors re-open states

World Heath Organization- mass gatherings

CDC- Guidance Documents

CDC- Interim guidance for Schools and Day Camps

CDC- Implementation of Mitigation Strategies for Communities with COVID-19 Transmittion

American Camp Association- Resource for Camps

Sports Organizations and COVID-19- insurance risks




**Corona Virus Notice update** April 28

Two good reads regarding moving forward with youth sports:

Coronavirus- Whats ahead for youth sports

Sports Organizations and COVID-19: Cancel or Mitigate the Risks?



**Corona Virus Notice update** April 27

Governor Kemp's latest Guidelines for Business- including continued closure of public pools.


**Corona Virus Notice update** April 27

American Red Cross offering blended learning for lifeguards

New free online 120 day certificate extension course to extend any base level certifications that expire between March 1st – June 30th.

This does not apply to instructor certifications, instructor trainer certifications, online only classes or the recently released provisional.



**Corona Virus Notice update** April 24

Corona Virus and Youth Sports- The Aspen Institute of Project Play findings and more information.



**Corona Virus Notice update** April 21

President Trumps Guidelines for Opening Up America Again

Governor Kemp Executive Order Providing Flexibility Moving Certain Businesses to Minimum Operations (4-20-2020)

List of Businesses that will begin minimum operations starting 4-24-2020


**Corona Virus Notice update** April 16

See how your community is moving around differently due to COVID-19

See how Georgia is doing as it relates to Retail/Recreation and Parks.


**Corona Virus Notice update** April 16

Thriving on the Other Side: How Your Community Can Recreate Vibrancy After COVID-19

Great information and webinar opportunity.


**Corona Virus Notice update** April 16

Shelter in Place requirements from Governor Kemp



**Corona Virus Notice update** April 16

Re-imaging Sports post COVID-19.  What will it look like?  Here is a good article to think about.



**Corona Virus Notice update** April 16

Latest information from NRPA...

Since early March, NRPA has worked with local park leaders and stakeholders to assess needs, compile and analyze data, and release resources related to COVID-19. NRPA's COVID-19 webpage is updated daily. Our resources include the following:

Perhaps most importantly, by serving as the convener of parks and recreation leadership and staff, we are providing connection across the field that is essential, especially now. The camaraderie and information sharing is truly making a difference. As one member recently said, "Thanks to the NRPA for its commitment to communication and sharing its informational resource. My membership has become even more prominent now than before." And, by moderating weekly discussions on topics from emergency planning and response to the essential nature of parks, we are providing support to our members in real time.

NRPA will continue to support park and recreation professionals in responding to COVID-19 in the months to come. Our leadership and advocacy will help professionals adapt to emerging needs and support their transition to a post-pandemic future. As we work to ensure that parks and recreation are included in the next phases of federal relief — from emergency response to funding shovel-ready projects — we look to you to help promote the importance of this essential community resource.

Please help NRPA support your local heroes by:

  1. Sharing NRPA's COVID-19 resources
  2. Sharing how your local park has helped you or your family cope during this time on social media and by email
  3. Making a donation to NRPA or your local park agency
  4. Contacting us to discuss other partnership opportunities and ways to help

I will be in touch with further updates on how NRPA is addressing the COVID-19 pandemic on behalf and in support of our park and recreation professionals nationwide.  



**Corona Virus Notice update** April 16

Message from Our Partner NCSI...

To our valued partners at GRPA,

We know times are difficult right now and we’d like to thank and acknowledge you for all of the hard work you are doing to keep your members updated and informed as we all face this public health crisis together. NCSI remains committed to the safety of your youth athletes, volunteers, civic programs, and the communities you serve during this difficult time. 

We are excited to offer some helpful new resources that we have put together for you to share with your GRPA members to stay healthy, informed, and safe during the coronavirus outbreak.

As a member of the SportsEngine, Inc. family, NCSI is pleased to share the new Healthy At Home Hub on! Here your members can read articles, watch videos, and even keep up with their favorite sports through unique training drills designed with kids in mind! This website can be shared with your members as a valuable resource for families looking for ways to keep their children active and entertained while we all spend more time at home.

In addition to Healthy At Home, NCSI and SportsEngine have partnered with the National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) to create a video explaining the recently passed CARES Act, or Federal Stimulus Bill. In this video, SportsEngine VP of Customer Success, Ken McGinley, talks to NCYS Executive Director, Wayne B. Moss, about how small businesses and non-profits can take advantage of these newly enacted benefits.

View and share the video here



**Corona Virus Notice update** April 13



The State Athletic Committee met today (April 13) and voted to CANCEL all GRPA youth and adult Baseball/Softball (team) sports for 2020. Decision on GRPA Swimming/Golf/Tennis (individual) sports will be made when they have their meeting on May 8. Until a final decision for Swimming is made the April 23 and May 5 mandatory swim webinars have been postponed.

These decisions are unprecedented and certainly difficult to make. Due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic it is recommended/encouraged that recreation agencies meet the needs of their local communities, first and foremost, as they are able to do so.


If you have specific questions please reach out to a State Athletic Committee member



**Corona Virus Notice update** April 3

Governor's Order to Ensure Healthy Georgia

Shelter in Place Summary

Global Cases of COVID-19- LIVE Chart

Georgia Cases COVID-19- Daily update County by County



**Corona Virus Notice update** April 1

The State Athletic Committee met this morning (April 1), via webinar, to discuss GRPA District and State baseball, softball, and swimming among other business. They voted to meet again on May 8 to make a final decision to cancel or offer District and State competition for those sports.

If you have specific questions please contact your District Athletic representative.


**Corona Virus Notice update** March 23

We continue to closely monitor the continuous changing environment surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The health, safety, and well-being of our members and the communities they serve is our top priority. We will continue to closely monitor the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) as news about it changes daily.

Many are aware of the various recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Governor Kemp, Department of Public Health and your local community experts. We continue to encourage everyone to take proactive preparedness precautions and follow continued guidance offered by the CDC and local and state public health authorities.

After meeting with the GRPA Executive Committee and the State Athletic Committee, it has been determined to cancel the following programs/events:

March District meetings- CANCELLED

Programmers Workshop- CANCELLED

Leadership Series- CANCELLED

State Lacrosse- CANCELLED

State Track (Class “A” & Class “B/C”)- CANCELLED

The State Athletic Committee will be meeting April 1 to determine the course for baseball/softball/swimming District and State events. For those who have signed up and paid for an event that is cancelled please contact the GRPA office and we will issue credit or a refund based on your preference.

We will continue to work closely with the Executive Committee, State Athletic Committee and local communities regarding upcoming District and State programs and athletic events.  For local events you are encouraged to work closely with your local health authorities.

Thank you for your patience and trust in GRPA. Just as we have with other events surrounding GRPA in the past, we are prepared to navigate through these challenging circumstances with safety at the forefront while preparing for future GRPA events. 

If you have additional questions please reach out to an Executive Committee Member, State Athletic Committee Member, or the GRPA Office.